Proud of my Brother.

Gosh, I have a great brother. He's tough.

You think you're tough?

I doubt there's anyone stronger than Ryan, even at his weakest moments. I love him more than words can express, this brother of mine. Let me tell you why:

  • Ryan is fuuuunnnnnnyyyyy. Seriously, he has the ability to make any situation funny, and his timing The boy cracks my shit up. Constantly.
  • He doesn't care what people think of him. I know, I know - some of you are thinking, "But everyone cares what people think of them in some sense" or "No big deal, no one needs to live for the approval of another". But what I mean is that Ryan doesn't let other peoples' actions impact his choices. He truly makes decisions based on his best interest. 
  • Ryan has an 'engineer's brain'. He can build anything. Anything. He's built me things for my garden and yard, he is the go-to man on the farm (he's a third generation farmer with my dad and grandpa) for repairing just about everything, he built a custom trike Harley, he's retrofitted his dirt bike with leg braces so he can ride again (see below), and more. 
  • He adores our dad - they really are best friends. 

  • He lets Stephanie and I be women. Although, it's probably because we've desensitized him over the years. I hope he's as proud to have us as sisters as we are to have him as our brother. 

  • He's a man's man; very masculine, enjoys the outdoors, cars, farming, women, beer. 
  • Ryan knows how to manage money. It's rare to have this trait in a young person who lives in an instant-gratification world. 
  • He has determination and moxie. About three years ago Ryan was paralyzed in a motocross accident. He is now a paraplegic and has no use of his lower body from about the navel area on down. His physical recovery was long, and his emotional recovery was even longer. While he doesn't race competitively anymore, Ryan still rides a dirt bike (and a snowmobile, and a four-wheeler, and a jet ski...the list goes on...) for fun. The important thing is; he's on wheels in his daily life and on the track.

Sometimes he's only on one wheel, much to the thrill and excitement of those who love him.

Over and out.


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