Organizing the Baking Pantry: Before and After

Two weeks ago while preparing to bake for the holidays, I opened up my baking pantry to find some Dutch cocoa. Here's what stared back at me:

I can't take it anymore. I hate clutter. I loath disorganization. When I see something disheveled, I can't shut my mind off. This little space was begging to be cleaned up a bit. I had a little bit of time on my hands...

So I did. 

I put all of the baking supplies that I purchased from our local Amish bulk foods store into lidded storage containers. I have dozens of these containers anyway that we use for our work lunches, so there was no investment to be had.

I also used painter's tape and a permanent marker to label each of the containers. Baking staples like flour and sugar, and dried pastas went into freshly cleaned, sealed storage containers. Everything is now nicely stacked and labeled for easy baking and cooking.

And you know me, I love spending time in the kitchen on weekends. This makes it that much more enjoyable.

Over and out. 

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