My Yogurt-making Virginity.

The other day I ordered viili yogurt culture from a site that was recommended by a blog that I follow, and a few days later I received the delivery (which also included a cheese-making kit I purchased). Of course, I wouldn't wait to get started on making my own yogurt, and begin the process right away.

First, I had to run to the store to get some high quality milk. The biggest thing was to ensure I didn't get an ultra-pasturized product, which would cause my culture not to set properly.

I chose Kalona Super Natural Organic Whole Milk. It's produced just a few miles away, and was one of the only organic selections in the store that wasn't ultra-pasteurized (pasteurized at a super high temperature). I'm also going to use this brand of milk to make mozzarella cheese this weekend. 

The batch I started with is small - just one cup of milk and a packet of culture. One thing the instructions made very clear was to use only glass or wood utensils. No metal.

After that, I wait. Yep. That's it. Put this bad boy on the counter in a draft free place and wait for about 6 to 48 hours for the yogurt to set to the desired consistency, or until it pulls away from the side of the jar when tipped.

I'm on hour 36. 

And counting...

Over and out. 

**Note: I was experiencing internet issues when posting, so some of you may have read a post that ended abruptly. My apologies. 


  1. Hey,
    How is your yogurt making going?

    1. VERY WELL! One of my jars "died" while I was in Arkansas, but otherwise I am a yogurt master! Actually, far from it, but it feels pretty good to be a little bit closer to self-sufficiency.


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