Bruce is still naughty.

Real Quick: 

I was working on some grading in the kitchen the other morning, when I heard Bruce crunching on his rawhide bone. 

Or so I thought. 

Yeah. He wasn't chewing on his bone. 

He was chewing on my new Prada glasses

Oh. My. God.

I would hate him if he weren't so cute.

So to the eye-wear store I went, in search of a replacement.

Luckily they had the exact same frames and lenses in stock, and I could take them home that morning. It only set me back $500.


A cool $500.

Of course, I already used my vision insurance for the year and my insurance wouldn't cover it. I am double-insured though, and John's insurance company allowed me to file a claim for 100% reimbursement. Granted, I had to shell out $500 initially, but I'll get it all back in 4 to 6 weeks.

I would throw Bruce in the street right now if he weren't so cute.

Nevermind. That one wasn't so cute.

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