Bigger and Better: Master Bedroom Closet

Remember when I posted about how I wanted to do something to our master bedroom closet? No? 

Surely you remember what our closet looks like? No? 

Allow me - - 

Anyway, last Friday after work I had that little anxiety bug that made me want to create something.

Creating things calms my nerves. 

It makes me feel productive. 

Sitting on the couch, or "relaxing" as people like to call it, only makes me feel more uneasy. So John and I spent $30 at Menards and bought 2 planks of wood closet shelving and dug around in our scrap wood pile to create THIS - - 

And here's the other side (sorry for the blurr):

And looking inside from the door:

We have a pretty long closet, and now it functions much better:

A little piece of mind for just $30.

Doesn't get much better.

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