Travelin' Man.

I am married to a construction worker – an electrician, to be specific – which means traveling to find work is a reality of the trade.

I’ve been very lucky over the last five years to have John find work in town, due to a tragic flood that wiped out a large portion of our city about four years ago. Now that our city is rebounding (woot woot!), John is traveling for work. As of late, he’s working at a new prison that is being build about two-and-a-half hours away.

For the last three weeks John has been living in our camper at a local park. There are other electricians and construction workers that are living/camping there as well. This is actually an ideal situation, because John can pack all of his clothing and food, as well as other conveniences he needs for his workweek. This allows John to save money while on the road and take home a larger amount of money. Staying in a hotel is usually very expensive, coupled with expenses for dining out. Travelers who have to do this usually break even with the amount of money they take home.

Now that the weather has turned cold John and his co-workers rented out a bed and breakfast for a very reasonable daily rate. John was worried that he would have to find a hotel and would be in the trap of spending more than he was saving by working on the road. At this bed and breakfast they are able to use the kitchen and cook their meals, rather than eat out (and spend their money!) and have a “real bed” and a heater, unlike in a camper. The nightly rate is only about $10 more a night than at the campground, and he can still go to the local grocery store and buy his weekly groceries, instead of dining out.

No matter where he stays or how he fills his belly, I’m just happy he’s working. I know I picked a great husband – someone who would rather work, even if it means traveling, than stay home and collect unemployment. John has a great work ethic.

For me, being home alone during the week is both relaxing and lonely. Look at it this way: I have a bed to myself, I only dirty a few dishes a week, there’s mayyyybe one load of laundry to do during the week, and I can have popcorn for dinner every night if I wanted. I can also wear my fat pants every night after work, no questions asked.

Conversely, it’s tough getting home at night after a long day of work to an empty house. I like being able to see him and talk about my day with all of the perks of a normal conversation; body language, facial expressions, etc.

I guess my point is: I can’t have my cake and eat it too.

Over and out. 


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