Recipe Keeper #9: Dawn's Good Stuff

I need to tell you about my sister-in-law, Dawn. She's such a fun lady to tell people about - she's energetic, she teaches yoga, she owned a bar and grill, she raised my husband when they were young, she's a woman of Christ, and sister can cook.

What I love most about the way Dawn cooks is that it's real food. It's family food. She can feed a crowd (growing up and helping raise six younger siblings will prepare one for such task) and she uses ingredients that everyone can get their hands on.

I want to share with you two dishes that Dawn has made for family gatherings.

Dawn's Lasagna
You'll need:

  • 2 lbs. italian sausage
  • 2 lbs. ground beef
  • 3 lbs. lasagna noodles
  • 16 oz. plain tomato sauce
  • 8 oz. of Ragu Cooking Sauce
  • 2 lbs. cottage cheese
  • 1 lb. ricotta cheese
  • 2 peppers
  • 16 oz. tomato paste
  • 2 cans of mushrooms
  • 2 cans of whole tomatoes
  • 32 oz. of mozzerella cheese
  • parmasean cheese to taste


  1. Brown meats first.
  2. Bake at 375 for 35 minutes.

Don't you love how her directions are simple. I mean, seriously, to appreciate her lasagna you have to understand that putting your own twist on the recipe is what makes it delicious. Remember, that recipe will feed a crowd!

Dawn's Sugar Cookies
You'll need: 

  • 1 c. butter
  • 2 c. sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 c. flour
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 1 T vanilla


  1. Mix ingredients.
  2. Chill for 30 minutes.
  3. Roll out and cut.
  4. Bake 8 minutes at 400 degrees.

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  1. Hi Guys! Thanks for sharing this recipe!


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