What did you do for Halloween a few days ago?

If you have kids, you probably took them trick-or-treating. 

If you don't, you probably hid from the trick-or-treaters. Or maybe you embraced (not literally) all of the little ghouls and goblins that appeared at your doorstep. 

We did. We like kids. 

Every year, in anticipation of trick-or-treaters, we drag our fire pit to the front yard, chop some wood, and wait. 

We snuggle the pooches.

We sit by our fire.

Side story: The other day I wore these furry boots to work. I did so with a purpose. I was waiting for someone, likely a teenage girl, to say "Nice boots!" so I could say, "They're not boots. They're my cats." Alas, no one complimented me on my boots until the very, very end of the day when no one was around to appreciate the humor of my boots.

Sometimes my sense humor is under-appreciated.

Anyway. I digress.

We had a wonderfully relaxing halloween.

These photos were taken with my cell. Don't judge.

We also eat some candy. 

Just sayin'.

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