Cleaning the Oven with WATER. Boom.

Wanna see the inside of my oven? 


Oh, come on. It will make you feel like a better, cleaner person. 

Here it is: 

There is so much grease and grime in my oven that whenever I cooked the house filled with a crusty, burnt smell. Sometimes, if I really cranked the temp, the oven would smoke.

Why don't you just set the oven to auto-clean, you ask?

Because my auto-clean doesn't work. And I have a secret weapon.

A $2 spiro-sponge from a local Amish country store. 

Add a little warm water and dish soap in a bucket, and sister can work wonders. 

Sister can move mountains. 

Sister can bake cookies without burning the house down. 

Can I get an "amen"? 

Too far? Ok. 

But seriously, though; look at what one little scrub will do - - 

See that clean corner in the upper left? Yep, it only took a light scrub and it is clean.

Here's a half-way photo (which took me about 5 minutes):

That stain in the middle is pretty stubborn, and I think it will need some more elbow grease.

Here's the finished oven:

To finish the job I used some old, damp rags and wiped the inside of the oven.

I also finished the job by throwing away my can of oven cleaner. I won't be needing that anymore.


  1. Awesome! I dont even want to go near my oven, yuck.

  2. I will set a pan of lemon juice to steam in there first, I don't know if it makes a difference really. :)


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