Sticky Fingers and Swarthy Behavior.

When I was in Canada last June, I just so happened to see some awesome vintage iron railings on an old abandoned trailer in the woods near where we camped.

These railings were rusty and chippy with black paint. They were utterly beautiful. They were begging to be a part of my home decor.

And who am I to refuse something that not only belonged in my home, but actually turn down the prospect of salvaging trash from the serene Canadian woods?

I just couldn't let it slip me by, so I took the two iron railings from the side of the trailer.

I was saving the planet, people.

I was keeping materials that would never compost from polluting the beautiful Canadian wilderness.

I was doing the Canadian government a favor.

And I am gonna make my home look bangin' with these babies.

Here's where I'm thinking of installing these bad boys:

The dining room - under the mirror.

The kitchen - to hang old towels on.

The bathroom - under the old medicine cabinet. (Sorry about the blurry photo.)

The office - under the homemade erase board.

The living room - under the L-A-N-E artwork.

Also, I could save these railings for when we redo our bathroom and use them as towel hooks.

Oh, the possibilities...

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