'Nighty-Night, Garden.

Well, the garden's done.

I pulled all of my plants up two weeks ago and spent a little time cleaning up the back yard.

John also added some compost to our "traditional" garden and tilled it up. In the spring we plan to seed this garden with grass. I just can't get anything to grow in this garden.

About 100 years ago (I'm not kidding), there was a stable of some sort on this plot. We know this because every time we till, we dig up junk. There's something in the soil that prevents good growth. Next spring, I'll only plant in my three raised beds.

It's kind of sad to think that I'm not doing as big of a garden next year, but I think it will free up some time for me to do other things that I enjoy. I'll still be able to can and preserve my produce, but it won't be as overwhelming.

For now, this is what our backyard will look like.

But we have big plans for the future:
  • More landscaping
  • A privacy fence
  • Taking down a "sucker" tree that was allowed to get far too big. 

We'll keep 'ya posted.

Over and out.

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