Messiness, Cluttered Closets, and a TV in the Bedroom.

I'm just gonna jump right in and let you know that each Sunday I select my outfits for the week. The whole week. 

I know. I'm flyin' my Freak Flag high today. Deal with it. 

But this organization really helps me mentally prepare for the work week ahead. You might be asking yourself why exactly I need to mentally prepare for work, but think about it: If you worked with 120 teenagers every day, wouldn't you need to get your head straight too?

That's what I thought. 

Anyway,  as I was picking my clothes I noticed that I had a drawer full of beautiful scarves, but only wore a few of them. I used this pants hanger to organize them in a more efficient manner. 

Cool, huh?

While I was getting these scarves together, I noticed how disgusting our closet looks. Of course, I immediately knew I had to show you, because it's interesting to peek into peoples' personal lives, right?

Here's our disorganized closet, which I intend to clean out and clean up - -

Looking to the left:
(Yes, those are my bras. Like I said, I'm flying my Freak Flag high today.)

From the back of the closet, looking toward the door:

The bra/belt/purse wall:

This closet needs some work, doesn't it?

I'm thinking:

  • Paint (using leftover paint from other projects)
  • A storage system for bras/belts/purses (built by John)
  • More shelving for folded items (built by John)

As always, I'll make huge efforts to be eco-friendly and cost-effecient with this project.

Lastly, on a side note - we have a TV in our bedroom.

Yep. Our marriage is headed for the gutter. I've heard that a TV in the bedroom is a bad idea.

For example, if you think that I will procrastinate this closet project to watch Modern Family, you are absolutely right. 

Now, if you'll excuse me...

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