Foyer on a Budget: REVEAL

The foyer is done, ya'll. 

Done. Done. Done. 

Remember when I said I was going to embark on this project, and my goal was to do it under $50? Then, remember when I updated you on the progress and said that I bought paint and a few rollers and broke the budget?

Well, I'm here to reveal the finished foyer, and announce that I completely broke the budget due to a new upstairs hall light fixture. 

Total cost for this project: $110. 

Total time invested: About a week, since I worked on this on-and-off. 

Here we go: 

Have a mentioned that our dogs love our front door. It's basically a huge window.

The new light fixture:

Gosh I love this blue...

Over and out.


  1. Replies
    1. It is Pittsburg's Grand Distinctions paint in "Chalky Blue". In our area Pittsburg paints are usually a bit more expensive than other brants, but our store was running an instant rebate deal. If you can find a swatch of Pittsburg's "Chalky Blue"at your paint store you can have them do a color match and use any brand of paint you wish (a generic, Dutch Boy, etc.)

  2. Wow..that last photo really showcases the woodwork well. Love it. And I'm jealous. ;)


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