Fajita-Seasoned Beer Can Chicken

There are only a few things that I can cook with masterful skill. One is a cilantro chicken tortellini soup. Another is lasagna. And one is an oven-roasted beer can chicken. 

It's so easy! And the first step is slamming half a can of beer. So get into your fridge, people, and pound that beer. 

The next step is to get yourself one of these stands that holds you chicken and beer can upright. 

"Install" your apparatus in your chicken's rear end.

And liberally rub your seasoning all over the chicken. I used a fajita seasoning, which will be spicy and delicious.

Some people put an apple or a potato in the top hole to keep the beer steam inside the cavity.

I choose to cover it in foil, since I like to prevent the skin from browning too much. The last 15 minutes of cooking I'll take the foil off to crisp up the skin.

Also, there are no after photos.

Mostly because I may have pounded a few more beers while the chicken was baking, and therefore had a mad case of the munchies.

Over and out.

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