Coffee Table Creation.

Found somethin' cool on Craigslist the other day: A coffee table and two end tables for $50. 

They are those assembly required pieces from a furniture store, which are pretty sturdy, but look a little generic. And you all know unless we're talkin' cream of mushroom soup, I don't like anything generic in my home. 

So I got my hand sander out to take a layer of stain off of the coffee table. 

I decided to hold off on sanding down the end tables, since there's not enough room in our living room for all three pieces.

After a good amount of sanding, the coffee table is ready for the next step.

I used an Allen Wrench (right?) to tighten up the legs of the table, just to make sure it is sturdy enough for our high-traffic living room.

And then I applied two coats of White Pickling Stain.

Remember, I used that pickling stain to revamp an old dresser for my media console?

This will match perfectly, giving the illusion of a complete living room set. Both pieces even have clean lines and the same 'bare bones'.

It was so cold outside I had to set up a space heater in my garage so the table could finish drying.

And here's what the finished product looks like: 

And the two end tables? They found a home, too. The first is in an awkward space at the top of our stairs. At night it's always so dark up there, and I don't like turning on our big hallway light all the time. There are also no electrical outlets up there, so a nightlight isn't feasible. 


And with the hallway light on, here's what it actually looks like:

The second end table is now a nightstand in our spare bedroom/baby room (for foster babies).

Doesn't this room look comforting?

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