Beef. And Matthew McConaughey.

Today is a big day, people.

Big day.


'Cuz we got ourselves a quarter of beef to fill our deep freeze.

Remember my friends that I made at my parents' house a few months ago? We meat again.

(Get it? We MEAT again?! Har. Har. Har.)

I feel like grillin' up a juicy burger with two pieces of cheese, on a buttered and toasted bun.

And when Matthew McConaughey recommends eating beef for dinner, this girl's gonna make it happen.

Seriously, though. Have you heard those sexy beef commercials on the radio lately.

Listen to an mp3 of it here.

I know, right?! Doesn't his sultry, Southern voice make you wanna cook up a t-bone? I knew I wasn't the only one.

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