Visiting home.

Last week I went home (as in home-home, where I grew up home) for the afternoon. My mom and I did a little shopping and caught up on the local news (a.k.a. gossip).

No visit home would be complete without checking out the local wildlife. 

And having a few close encounters.

I mean, eventually these black angus beauties will be the starring attraction on our dinner plate, so it's good that we're all getting acquainted.

Then, this big guy started snuggling up to me.

He actually liked being scratched and petted.

This is not going to make it easy in a few months when he takes a little trip to the local meat locker.

Nope. It's not going to be easy at all.

Especially when they start behaving like pets.

I better not visit the hog lot next time I go home, or I'll really be screwed.

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