Our Go-To Grill Menu.

I know I’ve already told you this, but I feel the need to restate it: John and I are grill masters.

That is, we rock on the grill.

And that’s because practice makes perfect. We grill all the time.

One of our go-to grill meals are burgers. We make ‘em every way possible, but our favorite is a stuffed burger.

We were out for a beer and dinner at a local pub a few months ago when I saw “stuffed burgers” on the menu. The premise was that a customer would get a ½ pound burger stuffed with any two ingredients from a list on the menu. There were cheeses, veggies and other unique condiments to choose from.

Let me tell ya, these burgers were divine. Burger heaven. Except that they were almost $10 each. Not cool. Especially when I can make the exact same thing at home.

Prove it, you say?


Just take a pound of ground beef and crumble it on a plate. Sprinkle your favorite seasonings over top (John has a super-secret mixture that he made up and put in an old spice jar. I don’t even know what’s in the mixture, but it’s kick ass. The only thing I’ve been able to nail down is garlic powder and pepper).

Then make four patties. Over two of the patties, pile on a few of your favorite ingredients. I chose to just do a load of feta cheese. 

Then, put a “free” patty over top of your loaded patty and mush ‘em together, sealing the edges. Don’t worry if things get a little sloppy.

You’ll end up with a bangin’ burger ready for the grill.

Another thing we like to grill up is a pocket of mushrooms and onions to top our steaks, chicken or burgers.

Just spray a large piece of tin foil with non-stick spray or drizzle with oil. Throw on some fresh sliced mushrooms and onions, maybe a dash of salt and pepper (or soy sauce! Trust me.) and then fold it up to make a pocket.

We usually make two pockets because we eat mushrooms and onions with a lot of things, and later this week we’re having quesadillas. Cut down on time in the kitchen by cooking up certain items in advance.

The only thing this burger is gonna need is a buttered, toasted bun.


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