New Bed = New Woman.

I feel like a brand new woman.

I'm energized.

I'm alert.

I'm focused.

I'm ready to take on the challenges that teaching high school English will bring.

And it's all thanks to this:

You got it folks. A mattress.

But this is not just any mattress. This is my mattress. A little piece of the clouds that I get to sleep on every night.

While some of you might be scoffing at the idea that John and I spent several hundred dollars on a mattress set when we're supposed to be all frugal and sustainable, I do want to point out two things. First, our mattress set was locally made:
Here at Lebeda we take a great deal of pride in knowing that our products are made right here in the Midwest by hard working folks just like you.  We take this a step further than just assembling our mattresses in Marion, IA.  We try, whenever possible, to get our materials from American sources as well.  You won't find any Chinese springs in our mattresses!  We get ours from Carthage, Missouri.  We purchase our foam from suppliers in Iowa and Wisconsin.  Our electric adjustable bases are made in the USA too.  While it is true that it is hard to get  American made bedroom furniture, our Furniture Traditions lineup is made in California.  You can be sure that when you have bought a mattress from Lebeda, you have helped to support fellow Americans and that will help you to sleep well at night...almost as much as your new Lebeda mattress!
Second, our mattress is eco-friendly:
While no mattress manufacturer can be completely carbon free, Lebeda is taking steps to be more conscientious of our environment.  With our commitment to recycling and using more natural products in our mattresses, we are able to continue to make superior quality mattresses while shrinking our overall footprint. 

No more frumpy, lumpy mattress for us. We're big timers now.

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