My basement find

Welcome to my basement! 

I know, I know. This is one space you've just been dying to see, isn't it? 

Isn't it the picture of cleanliness? Note the dried pools of water from early summer, the uneven floors, and the presumably-toxic mold spores that the camera lens captures floating toward my lungs.

And doesn't the feng shui in this space just scream "relaxation"? The lighting - classy, I know.

Huh? Is that a troll under the stairs?


But wait a minute. Scroll back up to that top photo. Did you see something that looks a little chippy, and out of place near all the paint?

Yeah, I knew it caught your eye, too.

This little ditty was actually in between the wall and the paint table.

You got it, babe. An original window from when the house was built: 1840.


It was hidden amongst a pile of old paint cans and dirty furnace filters. John and I cleaned out the basement the other night, and lo 'n behold, I found a chippy old window that was begging to be transformed into wall art.

And the old rusty hardware was bangin'!

One side was black.

And I absolutely love it! So I decided to sand it down a little bit, and clean it up a lot. Other than breathing in a cloud of lead-based paint, I think the window is in pretty good condition.

Here's where I decided this gem would be hung - on a blank wall in our office.

During the school year I spend a lot of time at home grading papers and lesson planning. In the past I never used this office. It wasn't a professional work space. I found myself grading at the dining room table, making a huge mess and forbidding John to touch anything. My basement score will help transform this space.

I also decided to do a little work on the wall with all of the frames. The photos needed to be spaced better, and several photos weren't level. I also had many others to hang, including my undergrad and graduate diplomas.

Are you read for the "AFTER" photos? 

Notice that I hung a few more frames and organized things a little better, and I hung the old window horizontally.

It's found a new purpose as a dry erase board.

And I cleaned up those rusty hardware pieces to show 'em off.

You'll also notice that I decided not to hang the black side facing out. It just wasn't jivin' in the room.

I think this is a place where I'll be able to work, instead of at the dining room table.

Now I just have to keep my eye open for a little table to stand under the window/dry erase board and a plush, colorful area rug for the floor.

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