Another Dining Room Up-Cycle

I love up-cycling.

Ever heard of that term?

It’s where you repurpose things in your home to create new looks. Spruce ‘em up and give ‘em new life.  And that’s just what I did in my dining room the other day.

I brought two tall candleholders from our master bedroom to flank our $50 Craigslist buffet. See 'em in the back, there? 

I’m just not sure about them though.

I also painted the frames that flank the mirror to a bright white. I like this better because it matches the white frames above the buffet. Before the frames were brown and gold, and they just didn’t jive. The next step will be to paint the frame of the mirror, but I’m just not ready yet. That thing is heavy, and I want to do a chippy old paint job, which will be time consuming. 

For my birthday this year my momma did me a solid when she gave me her prized coffee table centerpiece. I had been eye-ballin’ this long “crate” for years, always asking her if I could have it. (Yes, I was brazen enough to ask my mother if I could take her centerpiece right off her table and take it home with me. So what?) Alas, she would always tell me to take a hike. You can imagine my surprise when she gave me this crate for my birthday. She even filled it with little family mementoes from my great-grandma Thursa. (Some day I’ll tell you about Gramma Thursa. She is my female idol.)

I love my dining room. It’s bright and airy. The windows are massive and when the windows are open the sheer curtains dance in the wind.

I’m still not sure about those candlesticks, though. Maybe too Medieval?

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