Wasteful Canning

I spent about 2 hours yesterdat canning up some tomatoes from the garden. I made pasta sauce and some HOT salsa. I mean, this salsa is gonna scorch some tongues, people. Eyes watering and nose running hot. 

John will be thrilled!

And as I was finishing up the pasta sauce and dragon-breath salsa, I noticed two things. 

One: I need to clean while I cook, because my kitchen always looks like a train wreck. 

Two: Two years ago I tried out some super shitty canning recipes, thinking I would be all refined and classy and serve some delectable chutney or spreads at all of my black tie dinner parties that I host. 


I don't host dinner parties. And I sure as hell am not classy, nor refined. After the first year, I think I used maybe one half-pint jar of a random chutney and convinced myself to keep it around. But sister's limited in cupboard space, and that jalapeno jelly, green apple chutney, and salsa verde tasted like excrement. So to the compost bin it went. 

Seriously, people - the jalapeno jelly came out of the jar like holiday cranberry sauce from a can. And it was bright green. I sure as hell don't want to ingest that. 

It's not that those recipes, which came from a very reliable canning cookbook, were bad. I even followed them! Our tastes simply don't suit chutneys and fancy jellies. We are easy to please when it comes to food, as long as it isn't loaded with junk. 

Anyhow, now that my cupboards were cleared and ready for things we actually eat, I thought that I would kick my feet up and watch some sleazy daytime talk shows. 

Or not...

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