The Ultimate Western Adventure: Yellowstone

John and I just returned from the trip of a lifetime, hence my long absence from blogging. It was adventurous, held outdoors, we cooked over the fire, we experienced many new things and we spent 10 days away from the humid Iowa weather in the scenic mountains of Wyoming.

A trip like this can only be held in Yellowstone National Park in Northwest Wyoming.

But not before we got a flat tire.

And took a detour to Devil's Tower.

We took in the sights at the Park. It was simply breathtaking.

As in, the sulfur hot springs literally took my breath away.

But we got to cross the Continental Divide a few times. I mean, really, who can say they do that on a regular basis.

Yeah, I'm sure Park Rangers can do that regularly, but still. Anyway, seeing Old Faithful was one part of the trip. And yes, as the legend states: Old Faithful really does "go off" every 90 minutes. 

And viewing all of the geysers and hot springs were also mind boggling.

Almost every trail we hiked in the Park offered a phenomenal view of several hot springs. 

Seeing Yellowstone's Grand Canyon was one highlight of the Park.

Seeing the wildlife was also pretty cool. And dangerous.

Our campground was near Buffalo Bill State Park, so naturally we had to see the Buffalo Bill Dam, which was an engineering feat for the nearly 1900s. Yeah, it's safe to say that it blew our minds.

After seeing the Dam from the top, we rode our bikes a few miles (via switch-backs) down the mountain to the bottom of the dam. Seeing it from the bottom was amazing. And exhausting.

We visited a historic town, preserved in nearly it's original state from the 1880s. We actually got to walk in many of these buildings.

One day we packed a lunch and picnic'd in the desert.


I couldn't resist. Sorry.

One night we visited the world-famous Cody Night Rodeo and took in the sights.



I liked the rodeo, but I almost couldn't watch the calf roping. It was sad seeing those little fellas get roped, thrown on the ground, and tied up. I felt my anxiety climbing. Not kidding!

For one afternoon we traveled to nearby Thermopolis to see the world's largest hot springs. Personally though, I was seeking the fountain of youth.

I splashed around for a bit, but I haven't seen any results.

We traveled to Grand Teton National Park for a whole day, too. The mountains there took my breath away. The way that Mother Nature created these bad boys allows visitors to view the mountains directly at the base. There are no foothills! These mountains rise right out of the prairie. It's a fantastic sight!

We also went whitewater rafting for the first time, spent a day at our campground pool, and hiked and biked. A lot.

Alas, friends, vacation time is over. We added another sticker to our United States map, but it's back to reality.

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