See John. See John chop.

Sometimes camping all the time means "easy" fixes, like paper products that can be tossed after one use or packaged foods that only require quick heating. I mean, there's so much going on in the great outdoors that everything has to be quick, easy, and require minimal effort.

Not for us though.

We still keep it real by keeping some washable plates and silverware in the camper, and cooking all of our meals on our RVQ (a grill special designed to mount on the outside of a parked caper) or over the fire. Cooking over the fire is my favorite.

All that cooking over the fire requires a little work.

See John.

See wood.

See John be a man.

See John chop.

Now wasn't that fun?! Don't you want to cook up a hot dog? Or a marshmallow between shortbread cookies? Or a smoked sausage link? Or a pizza in a cast iron pie maker?

Cue the banjo...

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