Who got new floors? This girl!

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! Imma 'bout to lose control and I think I like it!

Ok, nevermind. I won't lose control. I'm very much in control, people.

But I am excited, because this girl got new floors.

Yep. New hard-surface floors in the whole downstairs level of our home. This adds up to about 600 square feet of flooring, but before you gasp at the cost of such a renovation, know that our $2.18 per square foot flooring was discounted to 99 cents a square foot. And the flooring pad was included.


And just in case you don't remember what our nasty carpet looked like...

However, the process of getting this beautiful new flooring installed in the pristine condition you are about to see wasn't very easy.

We ordered our flooring, and the estimate was that it should be in after about 2 weeks. This meant that I would clear out the entire downstairs level of our home while John was at work.

I had to put everything upstairs in bedrooms or in the garage. 

Ideally, we would tear out the carpet the day before the flooring was to arrive. Then, I would leave for a fishing trip to Canada and John would have about 3 uninterrupted days to install the floor before he had to leave for a business trip in the Black Hills. Perfect, right?!

So that's what we did.
(Excuse the terrible photos - my camera bit the dust immediately after taking these shots.)

But then the new flooring didn't come. It was backordered.

And we didn't find out it was backordered until I moved everything out of our downstairs level of the house, then tore up all of the carpet. Cool? Not so much. I guess everyone decided they wanted some 99 cent hard-surface floors.

That meant we had to wait until ONE DAY before my Canada trip and John's Black Hills trip to install. So he didn't get 3 uninterrupted days.

He got one interrupted day, thanks to yours truly. Whatevs.

But doesn't it look bea-u-ti-ful?


The ladder looks a little misplaced, I know. When John gets home from work today we're actually going to hang it on the wall. I'll post pics later.)





  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous--you guys must be so pleased! Nice blog, too.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! We are home improvement junkies, especially if it's eco-friendly or thrifty. Sign up for email updates to get the latest!


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