The Wonders of Cilantro

There are many traits, characteristics, habits and interests I’ve acquired through my mother. One, for example, is my love of cilantro.

Yes, cilantro.

That wonderfully tangy, sometimes spicy herb that is the star of show-stopping salsa is as plentiful in my garden as it is in hers!

I’m growing a lot of cilantro this year because I make a lot of salsa. One of my favorite “recipes” is whipping up a batch of Pico de Gallo from a tomato, half an onion, maybe a little bell pepper, some lime juice and a big ole handful of fresh, chopped cilantro. I make just enough for John and I to eat fresh in one meal, because Pico de Gallo is best when eaten right away – not a few days old (I think, anyway). And the beauty of it, is that since I have my own garden with all of these ingredients, I can whip up a batch every day if I wanted…which I do…so I do. Does that make sense?

I also love dill...but not as much as cilantro. 
When I don’t have fresh tomatoes available (like right now, in early summer) to make fresh Pico de Gallo, I use cilantro to jazz up last season’s canned salsa. I just chop a big handful of cilantro and finely dice a half of an onion, add a little lime juice and mix that with a pint of canned salsa.

Voile! A delicious rendition of salsa using a few fresh ingredients. And maybe, just maybe, you'll drop a little salsa on the kitchen floor...

But if you're anything like me, sometimes you drop some food on the floor, sometimes you don't. Just be patient, it will happen sooner or later...

Back to the cilantro...

Of course, we can’t eat 20 tomato plants worth of fresh salsa, so I can and preserve salsa to enjoy year round, and fresh cilantro is the star of that recipe, too. We use salsa on everything, not just tortilla chips. This condiment of glory finds its way to our eggs, atop grilled chicken breasts, atop rice, in wraps, mixed with certain soups, and of course in tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas.

Have a mentioned that cilantro is easy to grow?

I mean it, people. You can grow this stuff in the ground, like I do…

I just picked from these plants, so they aren't looking as lush and plentiful as normal. Trust me, these were some buxom ladies. 

Or in a pot, like I also do…

Yes, I just picked from these too.
Cilantro will grow just about anywhere, but my tip for you is: Always be harvesting your cilantro so new growth is promoted. Once it comes ready to pick, it kind of demands your attention.

So be ready to eat some Pico or salsa with a smile on your face, just like my momma and I. 


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