Why We Love The Dog Park.

Sometimes I get down on myself when I think about how nice it would be to live in a little acreage outside of our city. 

Then I remember how expensive it is just to buy a lot outside of city limits. 

And I remember how I am looking for a job closer to our city to eliminate my 50 minute commute. 

And all of our friends are here, and John's family. 

I also reminded myself that our city really is great. There are tons of things to do for people with all sorts of interests. Our city is recovering from a flood in 2008, and all things being rebuilt are coming back even better than before. 

These are the best things about living in a city - they have many, many resources established especially for the community. One thing that was rebuilt after the flood was one of our local dog parks. Sometimes I'm amazed at the underutilization of some of our community resources - like our local dog park. 

My point? 

If you live in a city, you are likely provided with a diverse variety of entertainment and recreation opportunities. Use them. Take advantage of them. Visit your city website, your county website, take a walk in your downtown or arts district. These things were established for you to enjoy, and if you don't use them and show how proud you are to have them, they might not be around for much longer. 


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