Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Summer (and why John doesn't)

Have you gathered that I love summer yet? I didn't give it away earlier or anything, right?

There's just something about summer, especially early summer, that makes my heart flutter. Maybe it's that everything is green. Or I that can go barefoot, or at least not wear socks. Maybe it's that I find peace in the summer - a peace that is found deep in my soul, guttural almost - a peace that I lose in the winter.

Regardless, summer is a time when I can spend more time with my family, with John, and at home.


That's a pretty cool place to be in the summer.

And sometimes that gets on John's nerves a little bit. I think it's because he's jealous that I get time off, but he claims otherwise. Read on, dear friends, read on.

There are so many reasons why I love summer, and why sometimes John doesn't love summer. Let me give you 10...

Why I love summer #1: I have hours upon hours each day to do exactly what I please, when I please. No more classroom management, no more 50 minute commute, no more living by bells and not being able to use the restroom when Nature calls.
What John doesn't like about this: He's just jealous. 

Why I love summer #2:I can wake up and enjoy my favorite part of the day: Morning. The dew, the stillness, the new light, the smell, the birds, even the rabbits. 
What John doesn't like about this: Since I am an early riser, I usually go to bed earlier in the summer. And he's a night owl. 

Why I love summer #3:
Drying clothes on the clothesline. Enough said. 
What John doesn't like about this: I hang his underwear on the line. But to be fair, I hang mine on the line too...sometimes. 

Why I love summer #4:
Concerts and other musical events held outdoors. And downtown. Only a few blocks from our home. Where they allow you to bring your own cooler. And a blanket. Heaven...
What John doesn't like about this: I want to go to virtually every free outdoor concert offered in our area. Sometimes he just wants a night to relax. Whatevs. 

Why I love summer #5:
Crafty, eco-friendly projects on my house, for my house, or around my house.
What John doesn't like about this: There is usually a component of each project that requires John's assistance, hence: My projects become his projects. 

Why I love summer #6: Farmer's Markets. CSA's. 
What John doesn't like about this: He likes this, but he also likes fast food. 

Why I love summer #7: Fishing. 
What John doesn't like about this: Nothing. He likes fishing. And drinking beer. And camping. 

Why I love summer #8: My garden, and the produce it yields. 
What John doesn't like about this: My continual chatter about all things tomatoes. 
Why I love summer #9: DOG PARK!
What John doesn't like about this: Nothing. He also likes the dog park. 

Why I love summer #10: Dates. 
What John doesn't like about this: Planning our dates. 


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