Morning in the garden and the Florida Weave

Because I have a 50 minute commute to work each day, I have to wake up significantly earlier than I normally would.

In the winter, this sucks. 

In the spring and summer, I love it. 


Because it's peaceful, bright and beautiful, and I can check in on my little plants before work. I can also admire my courageousness at trying a new staking method for my tomato plants: The Florida Weave

The first step is to put up some heavy fence posts at the end of each row of tomatoes. 

And make sure to drive 'em deep with a post-hole driver.

I am even doing the Florida Weave with my raised bed tomatoes, too.
Then the next step is to use twine and, starting with a knot at one post, weave in and out of each tomato plant, wrap it around the end post, and weave it back around each tomato plant on the opposite side.

As your plant grows, you add another "weave" - approximately every 10 inches. So, that means not to start your Florida Weave until your plants are at least 10 inches high (which is why I don't have a proper Florida Weave to share with you).

I also love mornings in my garden at this time of year because my peonies are a-bloomin'!

Manny enjoys the peonies, too.

And Bruce.

Especially Bruce.

On my front porch my rose bush is blooming for the first time in several years.

My cilantro is thriving. I can already taste the fresh salsa I'll be devouring this summer.

And this dill is ready for some dips for fresh veggies. I'll probably dehydrate some, because I love, love, love dill.

But the worst thing about mornings in the spring is that I am still teaching, and I don't want to leave home. I'd rather be here, hanging out with this guy, and working in the garden.

And enjoying this view.

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