What We Did on Memorial Day Weekend: 2012.

Long before this weekend arrived, I vowed to enjoy it. I mean thoroughly enjoy it. 

No TV (read: no oppressive newscasts), no work (read: no grading papers), no work in the kitchen (read: cook everything over an open fire) and lots and lots of down time (read: grab about three books from the shelf that I've been dying to read). 

And so we did. 

We camped only about 5 miles from our house at a beautiful county park. It's a good thing that we did camp so close, because we had three graduation ceremonies to attend: one for a niece, one for a nephew, and one for the school where I teach.

I know, I know.

You're wondering how attending three very long graduation ceremonies in stinky gymnasiums is relaxing. Well, it isn't particularly relaxing, but it is refreshing.

Refreshing to see young graduates being honored for their hard work, seeing the genuine smiles as they cross the stage for their diplomas, and the expressions of sincere pride on their parents' faces. Yes, it is very, very refreshing.

And a vodka-lemonade was also refreshing when I got back to the campsite.

Just sayin'.

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