A few highlights from Memphis in May 2012

The ride down to Memphis, Tennessee for the Beale Street Music Festival was pretty stellar. John was smiley, the pups were excited to ride in the middle, and I took lots of naps. Also, John got a new, manly diesel truck and he was satisfied with how it pulled our camper. 

Yes, we camped while there. Why? We never are able to score a hotel room. And we're cheap...

I was able to enjoy a few beers while listening to Florence and the Machine.

And some delicious beef brisket from the legendary Rendezvous which, if you haven't been, is located in a seedy alley off of Beale Street.

That is what makes it taste better.


The ride home wasn't so pleasant. The dogs weren't digging the 8-hour trip, John was cranky, and I didn't take as many naps.

But we ate some awesome barbecue (and Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken), listening to amazing musicians, and had a few beers. Every year this music festival is the perfect way for us to kick off our summer.

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