Welcome, Bruce!

Say "hi" to Bruce, everyone.

Bruce, say "hi" to everyone.

Bruce is the newest addition to our fleet. We adopted him from the Cedar Valley Humane Society, where I also volunteer.

Some of Bruce's favorite things are:
  • Growling
  • Biting
  • Trying to pee on the floor in secrecy
  • Eating as much food in as little time as possible
  • Making loud slurping sounds while drinking

And because I want to pay tribute to Manny, our oldster, some of his favorite things are:
  • Barking/communicating with the neighbor dogs - 101 Dalmatians-style
  • Tugging
  • Bad breath treats
  • DOG PARK! 
  • Snuggling under the covers
  • Sunny spots on the carpet

The first few days were a little stressful, ya know, considering since we didn't want him to poop on our carpet.

But then I took a look at my nasty carpet and reminded myself about our hard surface floors we're getting this summer.

Then I got stressed because Bruce is cutting his puppy teeth on everything, and I feared for our furniture.

But then I took a look at our tattered, older leather furniture and saw all the marks of Manny's youth, and reminded myself that things are only things. It's the living - things with fur, things that grow, or things with opposable thumbs - that matter the most.

In the meantime, we will enjoy Bruce and Manny and each other and food and spring air and gardening and treating people like we want to be treated.

'Cuz that's how we roll.

Or want to roll.


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