The Happy Box

When I get the winter blues, I have a few strategies in my back pocket to lift my spirits. 

Sometimes I cook. 

Or organize my closets - because who doesn't love to feel put-together and tidy? 

Often all it takes is to look some pictures of John and I, or a note from a student or colleague on our menu board and I'm back in business. 

But there are moments when organizing or looking at a photo on our menu board just isn't enough.

For those times, I go to The Happy Box.

Allow me to introduce you.

Reader, this is The Happy Box.

The Happy Box holds all things necessary to ward away winter blues, PMS moments, pity parties, and all around doldrums. The Happy Box has photo cards from holidays up to five years ago, cards of appreciation and encouragement from students, colleagues and family members, and little mementos of things John and I have done together.

I started The Happy Box about 5 or 6 years ago, and not everything makes it in there. Only the most thoughtful of cards or mementos from the most influential or special people are tucked away. I mean, anybody can write up a card, but to make it thoughtful - meaningful - that takes consideration.

And those are the things that lighten my mood and put a 'lil spring in my step, people!

So go out and get yourself a dang Happy Box!

Hell, you can use a regular 'ole shoe box (that you get from organizing your closet!!).

And if that doesn't work, go cook something.

Reader, allow me to introduce to you to Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup.

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