Check. Check! CHECK!

I just NEED to tell you how productive I was this weekend. It's so rare that I ever accomplish everything I set out to do in a weekend, so please, just indulge my pride for a moment...

Friday night: 
Cook something for dinner, instead of going out - - CHECK!
Do some laundry, so I don't have to wear a blanket all weekend - - CHECK! 

Make homemade chicken pot pies (one for freezer, one for tomorrow) - - CHECK!
Grade a bazillion papers - - CHECK!
Sweep and scrub my nasty floors - - CHECK! 
Make cupcakes for student newspaper staff - - CHECK!
Make cookie dough batter for winter journalism deadline celebrations and freeze - - CHECK! 
Attend the Kettleson RV open house (to do some dreamin' with John) - - CHECK!
Complete my Cedar Valley Humane Society volunteer application - - CHECK!
Walk Manny - - CHECK!
Peruse canning and gardening books for new recipes and gardening tips - - CHECK! 

Renew Ontario Outdoors Cards - - CHECK!
Make pancakes and freeze for morning meals - - CHECK!
Take Manny to dog park - - CHECK!
Gather all 2011 tax information - - CHECK!
Schedule meeting with financial investment advisor for next week - - CHECK! 
Preview four short videos for upcoming lessons in English 11 - - CHECK!

I added cooked, crumbled bulk sausage to my batter for a little extra substance. 

Two pancakes per baggie, placed in our kitchen freezer for re-heating convenience as we're runnin' out the door on weekday mornings. 

HOT DAMN, that was a productive weekend, wasn't it? Now I'm exhausted. 

Sunday afternoon nap - - CHECK!

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