I Broke My Food Processor!

I am having some steamy thoughts, people.

There is something that's occupying my mind, when I should be thinking of other things. When I'm at work, I think about it. When I'm on walks with Manny, I think about it. Goodness. I'm even thinking about it right now!

What am I thinking about?

My food processor.

I love my food processor. I really, really do. This is one appliance that I use several times a week. My Crock Pot, toaster, blender and hand mixer don't stand a chance. My food processor sees more action each week than...

Well, I won't finish that sentence.

So, you can imagine my distress when last week, upon trying to grate a huge block of cheddar cheese, I discovered that I broke the main, most essential component to my food processor.

This thing.

I carried this little part around in my purse for three days, thinking that I might just come across this part during my errands throughout the week. I was wrong. I didn't come across this little part.

I thought all hope was lost. Until, I got an idea from John.

"Google it," he advised.

(Such a smartie. Gosh, I love him. Not as much as my food processor, though. But close.)

So, I Googled my missing part. And after minutes of Googling activity, I found the part! Total cost, including shipping: $19.84, and to be shipped in 2-4 business days.


Friends, I am back in commission. I managed to salvage my $100 food processor thanks to my husband's quick thinking and Google's infinite possibilities.

I guess I should end this post by saying that I'm ashamed that I love this appliance so much. I'm also ashamed that I depend on a single electrical appliance so much, let alone modern conveniences in general.

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