Revitalizing an Old Buffet with Lemon Oil + Breaking My Food Processor.

Hey, everybody. Guess what?

I scored a sweet deal on Craigslist. A SWEEEEET DEAL! I got an antique buffet for fifty bucks. Fifty dolla! 

John and I went to Vinton, picked up this quirky little find of mine and brought 'er back home for some TLC. There are six legs on this buffet, and a rear leg was broken. John, being the handy-man that he is, fixed that leg right up! Other than the broken leg, this buffet needed some refinishing - a task I am NOT going to complete in our cold garage in the middle of winter. So, we brought the buffet inside - looking pathetic and rickety - with intentions to wait until Spring to refinish. 

But then I got an idea. 

Yep. Old English Lemon Oil. 

You'll recall that last weekend this bottle of Lemon Oil helped me transform an old doll bed into a 'dog perch' for Manny, who was always on the back of our leather furniture, looking out the window. 

Anyway. I digress...

With a rag in hand and my bottle of Lemon Oil, I managed to breathe some new life into our sad little Craigslist buffet. 
As you can see, the right side had the pleasure of meeting the Lemon Oil. 
I hadn't done the doors or drawers on the buffet yet, but even from afar you can tell which side was Lemon Oil-ed! 
And about 30 minute later, voile! 



So, you can imagine I was feelin' pretty dang good after turning a $50 Craiglist find into a glowing buffet of glory. At this point, I had fixed something that was broken, making it my own. I was unstoppable. 

I was so unstoppable, in fact, that I decided to grate some cheese. 

Side note: I buy cheese in big blocks from a bulk food store and grate it myself to save money. Don't judge me. 

I whipped out my box grater and went to town. 

Then I had a revelation! Why the heck was I grating all this cheese by hand, when I could use my food processor's shredding plate?! 

I am a genius! 

Nevermind. I'm not a genius. My wimpy food processor couldn't handle all that cheese. (Don't worry. John can't handle a lot of cheese either. *snicker*)

I broke the mechanism that turns the blades. My food processor is now broken. I broke one of few things in my home that was 'fixed'. This is tragic, people! 

I use my food processor all. the. time. ALL THE TIME! I just hope Target has this replacement part. Otherwise, I might be back on Craigslist...because now I have to fix what's broken...again. 


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