Why I Love Winter, & An Antique Frame Project.

An Iowa winter is a one-of-a-kind experience. Something I am lucky enough to experience for 4 months out of the year. I'm not complaining. Really, though. Winter's not so bad. This weekend we spent nearly 8 hours cleaning up the yard and putting away things in preparation for the snow - which will likely begin to fly in the next month or so.

While there are a few things about winter that I don't enjoy (wet jean bottoms, cold toes, chapped lips, slippery store entrance floors, and a dog who refuses to poop or pee more than 3 feet from the door), there are also a few things that I like about winter, such as: 
  • SOUP! And homemade bread. Holy moley, there's no better meal! I could eat soup and a chunk of crusty bread every day and be happy as a clam. 
  • Heating blankets. The end. 
  • Movie days/nights/weekends due to snow storms. 
  • Snow Storms. I love 'em. I HATE thunderstorms, they freak me out, but snow storms are the quieter, more peaceful form of Mother Nature's retaliation. 
  • Snow Days - one of the best parts of being a teacher. Even teachers get anticipation butterflies when watching the ticker at the bottom of the morning TV newscast. 
  • Hockey games! About two years ago John and I discovered our love of amateur hockey. We still don't know a lot about the sport, but we really enjoy a Friday or Saturday night game in the arena. And people watching is a blast - the crazies are out in full force at a hockey game.
  • Vacationing in warm weather. I know, it doesn't make sense. If I love winter so much, then why do I take a warm-weather vacation? I dunno why. Jeesh. Lay off me. Who doesn't love a beach? And why would I go to the beach in the spring/summer/fall when I could just stay in the Midwest and enjoy those seasons? Winter is the only time when it makes sense to get 'outta Dodge, right? Right. I know.
  • Crafting 24/7. I make a list on my iPad of all of the crafty projects I want to work on, and during those long, dark days I whip out a few projects. (And most of my projects are 'green' and double as gifts - gotta love it!) Here's a project I have been slowly working on - - 
 A fairly old frame, with glass, that my mother gave to me on my last visit home. It's been painted brown with 'accents' of silver painted on. Classy. 

 Other than the old hanging hardware that I'll replace, this frame is in pretty solid condition. 

 The frame belonged to my Great Aunt Marge (my paternal grandmother's sister). I'm definitely going to keep this label on the frame, which was written by Aunt Marge herself. 

I have NO IDEA what I want to frame in this sucker, but I did clean it up and paint it a satin black. I know I want to hang it in our bedroom, too. Perhaps I'll get ahold of one of my great-grandmother's doilies to frame, or maybe a frame a forgotten love letter from John? I just don't think a simple photo will do this one justice. 

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