Upcycling Wall Art + Making a Dog Bed Out of a Doll Crib.

The snow hasn't even hit the ground yet, and I've already got cabin fever. Usually when I get antsy I can go for a walk with Manny or putz around outside, but with a chill in the air (and the drizzly rain today brought), I was confined indoors. But that's ok, because today I upcycled!

I redecorated our kitchen and bedroom by switching around accessories and wall art from other rooms in the house. 
Bedroom - BEFORE.
The walls were bare. We had remodeled the bedroom about a year ago, and hadn't worked up the courage to pound any holes in our brand new walls. Today we were feeling courageous. 

Bedroom - AFTER. The metal wall art came from our kitchen. The metal is the same finish as our bed frame (oil-rubbed bronze, I believe), so it all blends wonderfully!
Kitchen - DURING. Where John is hanging the "barn" sign was where the square metal wall art used to hang. I got this barn sign for $2 or $3 from an antique shop. I bought a few knobs from a local hardware store and voile - - a new place to hang my aprons. 
Kitchen - AFTER. 
I also finished a project for Manny, our dog. He loves looking out the window...from the back of our leather furniture. His nails have really damaged our furniture as a result. A few days ago my mom gave me an antique doll bed that she got from an auction (I think), which turned in to the perfect piece of furniture for Manny to use as he looks out the window. 

I used about half of a bottle of lemon furniture oil to quench the old wood. John made a base out of scrap wood we had lying around, which I covered with a fabric remnant and stuffed with batting from an unfinished pillow project.
For the time being, Manny will have to look out our big dining room window, since our Christmas tree is blocking his favorite set of windows in our living room. He'll live. 

Love. Love. Love. 


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