Four Things That Remind Me Why I LOVE Teaching.

While my job is stressful, demanding and leaves virtually no time for any shred of a personal life, there are moments where I am overwhelmed with pride - - thanks to my students. Here are some things they've done in the past few weeks that give me butterflies and make me smile when I think of it:

1. My newspaper students made their first deadline of the year. And not only did they make their deadline, they were AHEAD of deadline, which eliminated the need for a Saturday morning workday. (Essentially, they gave me the gift of sleeping in on Saturday morning. How gracious?!)

2. My 9th grade English students nailed their narrative papers. Nailed it. This makes me think taking home an 8-inch tall stack of papers was worth an undivided 3/4 of my weekend. My 11th grade English students did not nail their narratives, however, which caused me to waste a good portion of my weekend.  Meh. Whatever. Rock on 9th grade!

3. My yearbook students are half-way to their advertising sales goal, which is $8,000. Seeing them is the highlight of my day. Why? Because they work hard AND have fun. I really don't know of many teenagers who can balance fun and work, but this group has it mastered, which lowers my blood-pressure. Sweet.

4. I team-teach with a primo colleague. (I know, this has nothing to do with my students.) At first I was nervous about how team-teaching would work (I'm hyper-organized and thrive when I have control), but literally when our first class period of the year ended I knew that we would learn a lot from each other, and our students are lucky. Damn lucky.

Note to self: Kelli, when feeling discouraged and restless about your job, re-read this post. If that doesn't work....I don't know. Deal with it.

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  1. you are such an inspiration for all the teachers out ther and also for many mothers. you are amazing at what you do. keep us posted


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