Becoming Overwhelmed With Teaching & Household Maintenance.

When I woke this morning to John's alarm clock I had one thought, which really wasn't even a complete thought. It was more of a moan from deep within my torso. 

"Noooooooooooooo," I uttered to myself. "It cannot be 5:30 a.m. already. I'm not ready for Tuesday yet."

I wasn't lying either. I wasn't ready, but Tuesday was ready for me. Tuesday was especially ready for John, because once we stumbled downstairs we were greeted with the most unique of odors: Eau de SEWER. 

Yep. Sewer smell

Then the shower backed up while I was mid-shampoo. 

Tuesday was so ready for us that (s)he decided to plan our whole afternoon out in advance, beginning with snaking the pipes in our super scary basement. This is the same basement where we've sighted mouse droppings, and found a dead bat.

John took care of the dirty dirty work, and I provided the necessary gagging noises and gasps when our pipes spurted (with surprising accuracy and force) a foul black substance.

The snaking took about 30 minutes, and John thinks he solved the problem. What I'm sure John conveniently forgot to do was mop the floor after he was done. Look at the floor. LOOK AT IT! I might "forget" to remind him, and "forget" to mop it myself. Meh. Whatever.

If you ignore the nastiness of the photo, I might ask you to draw your attention to John's sexy plumber-in-training facial hair. ME-OW!

Oh yeah, Tuesday also brought me a whole damn sink full of dishes and sticky countertops.

(S)he must have also raided our fridge, because all we have left are a few slices of cheese, some mushrooms, jam, and some condiments. (S)he didn't drink our beer though. Winning!

One thing Tuesday didn't take from me was my mountain of grading to be completed by, oh let me think...4 hours ago. I have Parent/Teacher Conferences tomorrow evening. So now I'm sitting in my stinky dining room with a pile of papers. The bonus? These 11th graders are smarties. Hopefully I'll have a few parents who don't want to lunge across the table for my throat tastefully remark that they do not agree with my lessons, assessments, grading rubrics, overall teaching practices. That'd be pretty cool.

And then there was Manny. My sweet little Manny Man. He's a trooper, despite the fact that Tuesday stole his trip to the Dog Park. Manny doesn't care though. He knows Tuesday will be back in a week, and next time, yes, next time we'll be ready!

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