Concerns About Clean Eating When Summer Break Is Over.

It's August. The start of school is approaching. Quickly. Too quickly. And as I begin to recollect on the things I HAVE done over summer break, and the things I still WANT TO DO, I can't help but think that maybe I've become one of those "foodie"-type people. I mean, my last few posts have been about canning, gardening and food - and I'm intending to go to an Amish produce auction with my mother next week, in addition to preserving from produce from my garden.

J and I have been eating really well these past few weeks - lots of fresh vegetables, foods free of preservatives and additives, and many from-scratch, home cooked meals. That's actually a big deal for us. During the school year I am very busy (and combining that with the fact that we LOVE dining out) means we spend more nights in a restaurant booth than our kitchen table.


I really, really hope that when school begins in 3 weeks that I will still have the motivation to plan and create fresh, healthy meals that we enjoy and can take to work, as well. I think having a foster/adoptive child at home come September/October will help out with this initiative, because it's so important to keep little bodies free from nasty stuff that's in (and ON) so much of our food from the grocery store. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and here's what I've been up to recently - -

Got some fresh chives from the planter boxes around our front porch.

And some fresh dill.

I'm drying some of it (thanks for letting me borrow your dehydrator, mom!)

I also got some okra from my garden.

Funny story: I tried a bunch of new stuff in the garden this year, but didn't save the little plastic markers to identify the plants. So, I've had a few surprises this summer - okra being one of them. I finally looked this "mystery plant" up in one of my homesteading books and found out that it was okra. I'm excited to try a few new recipes with it - although most reviews claim it is best fried (uh oh, so much for healthy eating), or in gumbo (I don't even know what gumbo is). So, yeah, better wish me luck AGAIN.

I can't say that J and I have been eating healthy 24/7, because we did take a trip to DQ (located a mere 2 blocks from our house), and even Manny got a treat too - -

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