Visiting the Farm: Amish Bulks Foods, Angus Cattle, and More!

It seems like more time elapses between my visits home. I mean home home. The place where I grew up. Like literally grew up from birth to age 17. This sometimes saddens me, because now more than ever (as I get ready to be a foster mom) I am aligning myself with the experiences I had as a child on a working farm. So, today's visit was pretty awesome.

First, I loaded up J's Tahoe with wood from the farm for our summer camping trips. He'll have a lot of chopping to do! Then, I hopped in mom's car and headed to our local Amish country store - it's one of my favorite places to buy affordable, quality spices and score on a sweet produce deal or two. When my sister and I visit we always bring a small cooler and make a trip to the deep freezer in the basement. Today my parents stocked J and I up on some ground beef, brats, bacon, and ham. While we were in the basement my mom gave me a few of her half-pint canning jars (I want to make a few more jars of watermelon jelly).

What's probably most exciting about my visit today was that my dad said they will be getting about 20 head (my mom says 10 head) of Angus cattle in the Fall. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?! They haven't had cattle for about 15 (??) years! I am so excited to go to the sale barn with my parents, brother, sister, and husband and be able to share this experience with them. Ok, I know. It's just a few cows. Whatever. But can you imagine how pumped up a 'lil kid from the city - a child we foster - will be when he/she sees a real, live cow for the very first time?! I am so lucky to be able to share many of these farm experiences with my husband, and future children.

Needless to say, I always return to my home with more than I left with - physically and emotionally.

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