Motivated on a Monday, & Trying to Find a Daycare for Foster Children

It's Monday, and I am MOTIVATED! I know, not a typical case of the Monday's, right?

I've been tending to my vegetable garden a lot lately - we've had some really, REALLY hot weather last week, followed by some intense thunderstorms over the weekend, so my little patch of wholesome goodness needed a lot of TLC. I've come to terms with the fact that my lettuce is almost done for the season (unless I try to plant a fall crop, which I might), and here's the bounty that awaits my already-full salad spinner - -

Also, in efforts to be more self-sustaining (and eco-friendly), I will never, ever again buy another roll of paper towels. It was a sad morning when I realized this was my last paper towel - -

That paper towel holder, as well as other junk lying around my house, is headed for Rags to Riches (a local consignment shop that I take all of my clothes and housewears to when in need of extra cash, or a good spring/summer/fall/winter purging) - -

In the Rags to Riches pile is an old set of dishes we NEVER used - they were taking up space in my antique china cabinet, so the minute they were out I put our kick ass, clean white wedding dishes in. Doesn't it look awesome?! - -

And really, what would a Motivational Monday be without making a loaf of bread? (My parents got me a breadmaker for Christmas - best. gift. ever.) I still haven't been able to master the Perfect Sandwich Bread Loaf, so this is another attempt - -

I've also called 4 daycare centers in our area. Since we're anticipating a placement in September/October, I will be back to work for the school year and we'll be needing a daycare that can accept a foster child on short notice. Some things we are looking for are:

     1. A registered center - not an in-home daycare.
     2. A provider that opens by 6 a.m.
     3. A provider that is affordable - we've found some are $200 a week for an infant! HOLY MOLEY!
     4. A center that will take a child younger than 6 weeks (IF we get an infant that young, otherwise it's not a deal breaker)

We have a lot of other things we are looking for. I'm lucky to have a friend who works in childcare, and she was SO HELPFUL in generating questions for us to ask potential providers. We've got quite a list, and when we visit these centers in the next week or so we can have that list handy.

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