Sharing a Milestone: I Graduated With My MAT!

The past two weeks have marked two important milestones for J and I - - first, we've finished the PS-MAPP course and our final Home Study visit, so we are officially licensed foster parents! Our Case Worker said she thought we could expect a placement around September or October.

Secondly, I completed my Master's Degree in Teaching, with an emphasis in Language Arts. (See photos of my cohort below!)

Not only am I proud of myself for this educational accomplishment, but I won't be paying for private school, graduate-level tuition anymore, AND I'll get bumped up higher on the pay scale! How cool is that?!

So, with today being my first official day of summer with NO OBLIGATIONS since I graduated with my undergrad, I decided to spend some time in my garden, do a little mid-morning grocery shopping (which still sucks, it's just less crowded), go to the dentist, and do some landscaping work around the backyard. I have a feeling that this will be a typical day until I go back to work in late August.

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