Weird Things We Anticipate Regarding Parenting.

It seems like any time our conversations wander, J and I always talk about parenting, what type of mom/dad we want to be, how excited we are to help a family and child in need, and the great life-change an adoption could bring. Many times our conversations are quite serious in nature, so to counter that, here are some things I am looking forward to when a little one comes to our home:

Sticky Hands: I love the idea of a toddler with sweaty, sticky, dirty paws grabbing my hand as we go for a walk. There's something about a dirty kid, not just their hands, but an all around dirty kid that tells a person, "Yeah, that kid did some serious playing today." I grew up on a farm - a legit, working farm - where the happiness in your day was measured by the dirtiness of your bathwater. So, I guess sticky, dirty hands are a slight indication that a toddler has explored, indulged, and enjoyed. Pretty cool.

Using a blue Booger Sucker: To be real here, I'm not necessarily excited to own one of these, just to USE one. I do think these mini-turkey basters are gross, unsanitary, and generally a weird device, but it's a right of passage to be able to use one. I just need to control my gag reflex.

Cleaning up a Diaper Blow-Out: Ask any of my friends with babies, and they'll all agree that one of the questions I always ask is about their baby's first diaper blow-out. I think it's fasinating (ok, mostly just hilarious) that a tiny, fragile, delicate human being can so forcefully expell enough feces from it's body that it blasts through the sides of their diaper, or up their back. I mean, really, the whole situation of discovering the diaper blow-out, then planning the approach to remove the baby from excrement-encrusted onesie/outfit/diaper, then cleaning the bedding or area, while trying to also clean the child (and simultaneously praying they don't feel "the urge" again) is one of the funniest situations for a parent, new or veteran. When this happens to me for the first time, expect pictures.

Baby Lotion: The smell of baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby powder - all of it - is intoxicating. Bring it on.

Stinky Baby Feet: Adult foot odor = crime on society. Baby foot odor = a good bad scent. Same with puppy breath. There's just something about puppy breath and stink baby feet that is gross, but not-so-gross. I'm not necessarily going to be sniffing baby feet all the time...just sometimes :)

Sweaty Neck Rolls: Maybe I am excited for a child with sweaty neck fat because it won't make me feel so bad. Just kidding. But seriously, though.

Can you think of other weird things J and I should look forward to as we bring a toddler or infant into our homes? Did something crazy or funny happen to you? Do you too like sticky baby hands? We want to hear about it! 

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