A Letter to Birth Parents, From Foster Parents.

So earlier I wrote a post about struggling with how to start a letter to the birth family of the child we foster/adopt. Here's a few snippets of the latest version that we've been working on:

Some of our strengths are our open-mindedness and our ability to embrace change. One of John’s greatest strengths is his patience and ability to stay level-headed in difficult situations. John is very easy-going. One of Kelli’s greatest strengths is her organizational skills and communication skills. Kelli has a lot of energy because she works with teenagers all day! We are also very strong in our beliefs to live a peaceful, fulfilling life. While we do not attend church regularly, we are spiritual people and strongly believe in treating others the way we want to be treated.

There are some things we believe are important in helping a child grow into a great person, and those things are: Structure and routine, love and support, plenty of time to explore interests and hobbies (or if your child is really young – play time!), guidance in appropriate situations, and communication with you and other birth family members.


We also have to write a letter to a child that might be placed in our home. Even though the child wouldn't be old enough to read, and likely won't be old enough to understand the contents of the letter, here are a few snippets from that letter:

We are John and Kelli Lane, and are 25 and 40 years old. We do not have any children, but we do have a dog named Manny. He is about 3 years old and is a rat terrier. Kelli is a high school language arts teacher, and volunteers a lot for school events. John is an electrician, and sometimes he plays in a band on weekends or for special events. We are a busy couple who enjoys spending time outside, and we have room in our home and hearts for you!

We don’t have many strict rules in our home, but you would be asked to help around the house, both inside and outside, when you are old enough. Some things you might do at first would be filling Manny’s food and water dish! It is also very important that you attend school when you are old enough and get involved in some type of extra-curricular activity or hobby that you enjoy. If you are not old enough to go to school, you would go to a daycare in Marion or in the community where Kelli teaches. 

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