First Home Study Visit For Foster Care Licensure

And the winner of the Most Nervous Foster/Adoptive Mom-To-Be on the Face of the Planet is.....ME!

We have our first Home Study visit on Thursday. Today is Tuesday. This week I work 10 hours per day (and so does J), and we have meetings and other obligations after work this week so needless to say, I'm a little worried that our home won't be "up to snuff" by the time our visit comes. Our Case Worker assured us that this visit isn't a white glove test, but still...

Yesterday J and I cleaned out the bedroom that we'll use as the child's bedroom, and J began creating a to-scale map of our home to send to the State, which is part of the process for becoming certified. Also, we took a 4-day trip to Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival, so on the 8 hour drive we completed all of our homework for our PS-MAPP class. This week we had to identify the strengths and needs we have as a couple and identify how we will use our strengths or adjust our needs while raising a foster/adoptive child. This really made us think not only about what we believe as a couple about to raise children, but also WHY we believe in those things. We've come to realize that it's not enough to only be strong in your convictions, as a parent you have to be able to fully believe and comprehend what you are doing is right and in the best interests of a child.

On a side note: I'm going to garage sales this weekend with my confidant and best momma friend I know (Kara). Hopefully I'll score on some quality, useful baby/toddler items. Thankfully when conversing with our Case Worker last week we discovered that we don't have to have EVERYTHING prepared for a baby/toddler by the end of June. There are some things we simply cannot obtain in that amount of time. For the things we don't have by the end of June, we submit to the State our "plan" for how to obtain them. (For instance, if we don't have a high chair, but have $150 in our savings account to purchase one when needed we will verify with bank records that the money is present.)

There's a lot to think about this week - pray for us! :)

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