Foster Care Worries: Clothing For All Genders, Ages of Children.

Blogger's Note: As of September of 2013, we are no longer foster and adoptive parents in the state of Iowa. At the time of this post's publication, we were blogging solely for our friends and family; to keep them posted on our journey into foster parenting. This might explain a different tone for our early 2011 posts. 

I ("K") am a shopper by nature. I love shoppin'! And, I especially love picking out cute wittle baby socks, and teensy little underoos for toddlers...except, I've never bought any of those things for myself. One of my best friends has two babies, and a favorite pasttime of mine is shopping for kiddos. FUN!

Now that J and I are expecting a child (ages 5 and under) to be placed in our home anytime after the end of June, I'm getting a little anxious. I'm anxious because I have NO baby, toddler, or child clothing, toys, accessories, or necessities. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. And, because we really have no idea what gender or age of child will be placed with us we can't (or shouldn't) go all out and buy, buy, buy.

So, here's where all of you come in. If you have any toys, accessories, clothing, or diapers (in sizes you no longer use), please let me know! Save them for us! We will accept any donations, and would be happy to pay you for it, too. J and I won't exactly be stockin' the shelves until the end of June, but we will be preparing our spare bedroom in gender-neutral child colors. If you have a crib or crib accessories, please drop me a line and we'll gladly purchase them from you and haul it away. It is possible that we will not get an infant, rather a child that can handle a "big-boy-or-girl-bed" - the one thing we already have!

As our certification looms in the distance, I am growing increasingly excited to do some shopping for a little one. I'm excited to have the smell of baby lotion (and poopy diapers) in the air. I'm excited for the changes a child will bring to our lives. I'm excited to be able to provide a home for a child that needs one. How awesome is that?!

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