Extended Family is Essential in Foster Parent Success.

How lucky J and I are to have such a fantastic familial support system! I know that sounds textbook-y, but it's true: We have the BEST people supporting us as we begin our training to become adoptive/foster parents. And really, this makes all the difference.

(J is blessed with a large, loving group of women to call his family! The youngest (and only boy) of a family of 8 siblings, John might be an expert on raising a daughter. This photo is from our wedding night. We were married at a local art gallery on a Tuesday evening with our close family and a few friends. It was perfect, and I still giggle when I realize our "wedding song" was the Charlie Brown theme song. Pictured from left to right is Cheryl, Julie, Enne, Dawn, Ann, J, me, Linda, Mary Jo, and J's mother Arlene.)

(While I don't have an abundant family like J, I am lucky to have a very close, loving relationship with each of my family members. My siblings especially said they can't wait to be an aunt and uncle to a child we adopt. Of course, my parents are thrilled and proud as well. I think they'll be GREAT! Pictured in back are J, my mother - Jo - and my father - Dave. I am in front, followed by my brother, Ryan, and my sister, Stephanie.)

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