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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hosting a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop in 5 Easy Steps

This is a sponsored post from Julia Dotson of Wildtree. I was compensated with Wildtree products for our freezer meals. All opinions herein are my own. 

I need to be real with you. 

I've never hosted or attended a freezer meal party until a few weeks ago. It's simply because in our household, it's just John and I. So many times these freezer meal parties are geared towards large families that are too busy to cook.

I need to admit that I kind of felt left out. I didn't fit that demographic, and even though I am also sometimes too busy to cook, I don't want huge meals to feed 6 people in my freezer. 

Then I heard about Wildtree, and how a gal named Julia has structured freezer meal workshops to fit into everyone's lifestyle. Even small families. I got my hands on some Wildtree products and, with Julia's help, began to organize my freezer meal workshop with some of my family members who also have 2-3 people in their household. 

First, here's what I came to love about Wildtree products: 

1. Nearly all of their items are organic. This includes their 
2. There is no MSG. None. At all. 
3. According to Julia, Wildtree freezer meal workshops "help cooking become easy. Cooking is no longer a chore." 
4. They are lower in sugar and sodium than the majority nationally known brands
5. You can use their seasonings, spices, and oils fresh in daily cooking or in freezer meals. 

The 10 freezer meals my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and I made (that were perfectly portioned for 2 people) were: 
  • Honey Balsamic Chicken
  • Italian Chicken Medallions
  • Italian Flank Steak
  • Hearty and Delicious Meatloaf
  • Adobo Grilled Chicken
  • Spanish-style Shrimp
  • Chipotle Lime Chicken in the Slow Cooker
  • Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajitas
  • Best Burgers Ever
  • Smoked Mozzarella Chicken

(To read about the aforementioned Wildtree products, just go here where you can explore the recipes, products, and testimonials.)

This was our first freezer meal workshop, and it went off without a hitch! I'd love to share 5 of the easy success tips that made our afternoon go smoothly. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dial's Sugar Cane Husk Hand Soap Exfoliates Without Drying Skin

The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Super Cane Husk Hand Soap in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own. 

You guys know I'm big into essential oils, right? One way I like to use oils are in beauty and household products. I make my own laundry soap, and use oils as a scent or added disinfectant. I've even made my own lotions and perfumes, as well as moisturizing massage oils.

One product I haven't attempted to make is hand soap. Here on the urban homestead, we're washing our hands a lot. Things get dirty around here, and with all the scratch-cookin' we do, it's important to keep a full bottle of soap in the bathroom and kitchen at all times.

When Dial sent me their newest hand soap to try out, I was ready! Two reasons: I was out of hand soap in the bathroom, and I don't know how to make my own EO hand soap yet.

This Sugar Cane Husk hand soap is part of Dial's new Boutique Collection Hand Soap line. It has these teeny, tiny little micro scrubbers that exfoliate and deep clean, but don't leave my hands really dry and chapped afterwards.

You remember that I have the skin of an Alaskan fisherman, right? This soap actually kind of moisturizes my skin, and removes dirt. Even from John's calloused working-man-hands…

I also like how this is a pretty bottle. It reminds me a little bit of the uber-popular Bath and Body Works soaps that are in everyone's bathrooms.

Do you want to try out this new product…for FREE?! I knew you did.

I have three vouchers to give away to three different readers. All you have to do is leave a comment, any comment, on this blog post and you're entered.

Be sure if you leave an Anonymous comment to leave your name and email address in the comment so I can email you if you win.

I'll have choose a winner in one week, on April 1st at 6pm.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mostly Homemade Mondays - WEEK 125 + URBAN HOMESTEAD MEAL PLAN!

Are you ready for this week's meal plan and blog hop? Remember, in the meal plan some items are bolded, which indicates a homegrown or local item from our urban homestead. We have leftovers for lunch, and we rarely have desserts. Many times on weekends our lunches include eggs from the ladies. 
  • Monday - JalapeƱo cheddar brats on the grill and a vegetable from the freezer
  • Tuesday - Monthly dinner out with my teacher friends (John is on his own…)
  • Wednesday - Fruit, popcorn, and carrots and hummus
  • Thursday - Slow cooker barbecued pork loin and a vegetable from the freezer
  • Friday - Dinner out with some girlfriends (I'll order something to-go for John)
  • Saturday - Salad with HB eggs,  croutons, onions, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds
  • Sunday - Family dinner. Not sure what we're bringing yet. We'll figure it out via group text.
Anyway, on to the party:

Mostly Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle. We realize that there are different paths that we all take to get to that place, and this bloghop celebrates that. Whether you’re a seasoned raw foodist who has banned all things unnatural, or a rookie who is starting out by cutting out junk food, we’d love to hear from you! Link up with your favorite recipes, projects, crafts, or rants and raves.

The Hosts:

Homemade Mondays will open every Monday. You have until Thursday to make your submissions. We will share our favorite posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and shout it from the rooftops.
  • Link up. Use the submission form below to add your blog posts to our gallery below. You can add as many links as you’d like, as long as they’re on topic. 
  • What’s eligible? Recipes, crafts, DIY projects, gardening, fitness, green ideas or just plain old advice. We’re pretty open.
  • Tell us about yourselves. Leave a comment telling us a little about your site and what you’ve shared. Of course this isn’t mandatory, but it’s a good way to stand out.
  • Link back. Share the love by adding a link back to this party with your readers so they can see all of these great ideas as well.
  • Follow our Pinterest board. Remember to check out our Mostly Homemade Mondays Pinterest board where we're pinning some of our favorite posts from the week.
Here was our favorite post from last week: 

A special thanks to Grow a Good Life for linking up 6 Methods for Growing Potatoes in the Backyard to Mostly Homemade Mondays! Feel free to grab this "I've Been Featured" button and share the great news with your readers, family, and friends: 
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