Waste-Less Homesteading.

I've really been considering my consumption habits lately. I generate so much waste, which is somewhat interesting since I'm more eco-conscious than most folks.

Since moving to our homestead just about a year ago, we elected not to get a trash pick up service. All of our trash goes into a 'normal' sized trash can that you'd set on the curb, except I drive it to the local landfill about once every 60 days. That's pretty good waste reduction in comparison to the average American household, but we can do better by our earth.

Making intentional choices while shopping has helped me eliminate trash from even arriving on the homestead. John and I spent last Sunday in town doing a little zero waste grocery shopping, and also picked up supplies from Theisen's Home Farm Auto because it's #SpringatTheisens ! We almost exclusively shop at Theisen's for our homestead items. (They have fresh popcorn to snack on while you shop, so...)

Winter Homestead Hiking.

I rolled out of bed around 6:45am, which is a little more than two hours later than I usually wake. During the weekday I crawl into the gym at 5am, which means I am up at 4:20am, leaving me just enough time to slam a glass of water, brush my teeth, warm my Jeep for about 5 minutes, and drive into town to the gym.

Today, Sunday, was different. I didn't have to work this weekend; a rarity. I slid out of bed, made tea, and started breakfast, noticing the sun was higher in the sky. The days are getting longer. My soul is getting happier.

Today is my favorite kind of day. Since I've been a small child my favorite day is a winter day where snow blankets the ground, the skies are a bright blue, there's not a single cloud, and the sun is brilliant. It's today. 

Healthy Earth, Healthy You! How to Reduce Your Consumption of Packaging.

Most of the New Year's hype about healthy living has died down. I have been consistently going to the gym since October and eating (mostly) clean for several months, which seems 'old hat'. But, there's one thing in which I'll gladly serve as a hype girl: A healthy environment. This means using fewer fossil fuels, making eco-conscious decisions, and reducing waste. Ironically enough, healthy living and sustainable living go hand-in-hand. More on that in a sec.

One of my favorite zero waste blogs is BeZero.org, and I find this graphic to succinctly summarize exactly what every household needs to consume less and generate less, thereby creating a healthier environment.

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